Saturday, September 26, 2009

Cute "Card" From The Cricut

Sorry that we didn't get the chance to post yesterday seeing as it is now 1AM. I will make sure to post again later today with a longer post and even more cool stuff to make up for yesterday! But here is a short post and a picture of a cute card!

So a couple of notes here...
Meme is French for grandmother... Meaning this lovely card was created by the big brains of a little child (With the help from her mom, Karine, but if Janine had her choice it would have been just her). She is a pro at the cricut and dare we say possible the best 4 year old Cricuter out there (At least in our opinion). So thank you Janine for this super cute card that everyone gets to see. She may not be able to read but boy is she a skrapbooker in the making. And the best set of little hands we have.

She says her little hands are better to push the overlay buttons instead of ours. That is why we have 3 Cricuts! One for each of us.

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